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Each year, the Record-Courier, our local newspaper, sponsors “The best of the Carson Valley” awards. Physical Therapy Specialist as a practice has held the title of “Best Physical Therapist” for the past six years, and Bill Wall has held it continuously for the past four. We are honored to have the full support of our region and are proud to get to serve the physical therapy needs of such a great community!

The four words every surgery patient hates to hear, “You must have therapy!” “OH NO, not PHYSICAL THERAPY!” I felt the same way when Dr. Keith Swanson, my Orthopedist, told me that. He himself had gone through Physical Therapy when HE was recuperating from surgery and he referred me to Physical Therapy Specialist located in Minden, NV. What a great experience. I’m not saying they have a magic pill to make the pain disappear overnight BUT after a couple of weeks, boy did I ever feel better! DON’T hesitate to do physical therapy. Not only will you recover much more quickly but you will find yourself looking forward to go. I sure did!

Carol O.
Minden, NV

I was seriously injured on May 29, 2010. After my stay in two hospitals and home care I started my physical therapy with Physical Therapy Specialist. My insurance company authorized 80 visits because of my injuries, 9 breaks in my femur bone and 3 breaks in my humerus bone. I have found that Bill and Kelli were very professional and had a great deal of education with practical experience. Bill and Kelli developed a training program for me while I was still in a wheel chair then to a walker and a cane. Bill and Kelli did a great job in my rehab and developed a great training program for my recovery. Bill and Kelli also developed a training program for the swimming pool. Without the pool therapy and regular therapy, I may not have been able to come back as fast as I did. I completed the Physical Therapy training after 54 visits of hard work by me, Bill, and Kelli.

I feel that I got the best Physical Therapist training in this area. If it wasn’t for the two of them I may have had a hard time with my recovery. I would like Bill and Kelli to know that I appreciate their hard work and work ethics. I will always refer my friends to Physical Therapy Specialist for their recovery.

Jim C.
Gardnerville, NV

Physical Therapy Specialist is really a special group. I have been seeing Bill Wall for over six years now both before and after surgeries. He is very patient, caring, and encouraging. He takes his time with his patients giving them his full attention and care. He is always available if help is needed.

I would recommend him freely and I already have!

Carole K.
Minden, NV

I enjoyed the friendly staff at Physical Therapy Specialist. They were compassionate yet at the same time; they tried to get the job done to give my knees the flexibility I needed. One day, I was in a hurry and I caught myself running a little. What a feeling, it has been about ten years since I was able to run. Thank you!!

Gary O.
Gardnerville, NV

Recently I had a knee replacement and of course, Physical Therapy as part of my rehabilitation regime. Physical Therapy Specialist was highly recommended, located in Minden. Bill Wall and Kelli Killeen were one of the best Therapy Groups in the area. As I went through their personalized program designed to meet my personal needs, my new knee began to perform like new.

Additionally, they enable their clients to continue their personalized exercise at a nominal monthly expenditure, which I elected to use.

A professionally run facility and of course very friendly and adaptive to all clients personal needs. Usually, the clients I have talked to, have nothing but PRAISE for extremely positive results for their situation. Along with the personal attention comes to state of the art Therapy equipment to activate one’s muscles and body tone.

A FIVE STAR (*****) experience!

Dan Y.
Gardnerville, NV